Reviews for "Simple Tests"


laughed at the end so close to 1337

Excellent job!!!

It was funny to the point where a normal person would find it funny to where a average new grounder would find it AWESOME!!! :D

ScaredyDave responds:

Thanks for this! Seems like lately I've been getting alot of bad press for some reason, thanks for cheering me up :) and I hope my future submissions will make you just as happy!

good and bad

it was good but the ending was bad


This flash is crunk yo Fo-Shizzle

Hah! I beat him!

I only did 1,439 impossible things!

But I did actually manage to lick my elbow... turns out that bicycle accident had some unexpected benefits after all!

And I found the corner in the round room (old Polish joke).

And finally... I divided by zero... and all the universe was opened to me! No if you'll excuse me, I must ascend to a higher plane of existence... *ascends*