Reviews for "Simple Tests"

really cool

This is an excellent movie. I liked the idea(s) behind it all and want to see more of your works.

By the way, I learned in college calculus that there is a way to divide by zero, but it requires calculus two based mathematics.

uh hey advertise-play guy

you make almost no sense and your really just over thinking things. Next time just shut up unless you have something useful to say. Now as for the animation, i liked it! 5 thumbs up! :D

loved it, however

keep up with the awesomeness

2 things

This is like the best video that is so retarded ever! i am laughing my ass off for the last one xD the 2nd thing....u just insulted my friend and he is crying like a baby right now! ur awsome he is being a douche at me for 1 year now he found out how retarded he is! hahahaha!!! i dont know what im laughing at here...him the video or this comment! hahahaha!


fail im puting my foot down succes