Reviews for "Simple Tests"

Lick your elbow

It was completely awesome. Good job man! :D

I liked it

But the only thing is that you can divide by zero, the result would be infinity, unless you think that doesn't really qualify. Some would argue that licking one's elbow is also not impossible, just really painful. Meditation can get you to not think about specific things. Sorry that was more than one thing wasn't it. Point: should have been labeled extremely difficult tasks rather than impossible.

your good with facial expressions

i mean really good keep up the good work

Awesome, however.

The only problem is that some people CAN lick their elbow either due to:

A) a really long tongue
B) dislocating their arm which will allow them to spin it enough to get their tongue to touch their elbow

So that's one feat at least one person prolly woulda completely.

ScaredyDave responds:

Yeah I got you. I just picked feats MOST people couldn't accomplish. I think actually Mythbusters did one involving the interlaced phone books too, I cant remember if they were actually able to rip it apart using heavy machinery, but I figured if I just make it tests most people generally consider "impossible" then it'd get the point across lol.


This Like Warioware games :)

ScaredyDave responds:

Interesting! I thought people would compare this loosely to Portal, what with the Human Testing and all. I never thought of it being compared to Wario Ware lol that's pretty spot on and funny though!