Reviews for "Simple Tests"

For some reason

I started thinking of Cave Johnson from Portal when that guy started talking

simple enough

simple fix, kill the spinning fans in the first shot, they are too much of a distraction as well as dont fit the art style of everything else.
also the animation was pretty good, but i would say if your going to have stills that close to the screen have em move a little or have thicker lines so we can establish the depth.


I give ten for no good reason but i can lick my elbow so would have won.

Funny, but could have been a bit better.

I personally HATE meme humor, but I found this to be kind of funny. (You're not the first or the only one who hates that shit.) Truth is, I think that you and Jake (Lazy Mode Comics) are incredibly talented and deserve to be up there with Adam Phillips and RobsH66. Now, on with the review...

Animation: I really dig your style, which is a nice throwback to '90s cartoons and newspaper comics. Plus, the animation is just excellent (it also helps that it's frame-by-frame). However, I suggest that you use the Flash 8+ filters as little as possible since they can cause older computers to lag significantly.
Sound: Great job on the voice work, music, and sound effects. Next time, rather than put a link to Ebonyte's voice demo, add him to your portal buddies list.
Content: While I did chuckle a bit, this tended to drag. I suggest that rather than write out your jokes on a script, you draw them out on the storyboard. On the other hand, you have a good sense of direction, which is important in animated cartoons. Plus, it's also original, and that's good when the idea works.

What I do like:
-Mildly funny
-Great art and animation
-Nice sound
-Good direction

What I didn't like:
-Could have been funnier
-The blur effects were unnecissary.

Overall: Dave, here's an eight from me.

ScaredyDave responds:

Thanks for all the kind words and feedback! I actually don't know how to make Kevin (Ebonyte) credited correctly >.>' Truth be told I thought I was doing it right, but just recently figured out I wasn't. So if anyone wants to help me out with that, that would be superb!

lol,don't worry.

Don,t worry,i'm 11 and i can clearly see that it said "don't think about purple elephants.Also i think your animation will win 500-1000$!