Reviews for "Simple Tests"

Good animation

The only thing which I miss here is a background writing on actual psychology experiments and how they relate to the story.
If you don't know what I mean you may google "Learned helplessness" or "The Monster Study".

Apart from that all fine. :-)

1200 divided by 0...

1200 divided by 0 = 42.
The answer to life the universe and everything, so we know all know that the answer to Life the Universe and everything is impossible.

i know the anser to 1200 divied by 0

pm if you want to know anyway this flash is random but funny its like apature from portal but with more paradox's and strange test's anyway hope you win


so funny:D

That sound is entirely accurate

I actually tried to lick my elbow during recording for maximum accuracy.

ScaredyDave responds:

And it worked so well!