Reviews for "Simple Tests"

let me get this straight

he did 1324 test before finally giving up
and somehow he passess, doesnt get any mulah, and gets kicked out.....
mabye i should tryout

you can laugh as much as you want but..

not thinking about purple elephants is really hard! haha...
great flash,I really enjoyed watching it. :D

Great Job

As usually you prove your talent in character animation with expressive posing and facial animation. Great job with this one Dave. I've watched it so much I felt like I already reviewed it until I realized I never actually wrote anything. We'll have a nice battle if we both move on to the finals.


Don't think about purple elephants...Fail!

Personally I think the animation could have been a bit better but the edginess of the lines really isn't a big deal. Congrats on getting to the front page and to round 3. Good luck. Leep up the great work

Not Bad

My favorite part was finding the corner.