Reviews for "Simple Tests"

Nice animation

But everyone knows you get infinity when you divide by zero! The result of division is the number of times the denominator fits into the numerator, and zero can fit into anything infinite times. Flash knows what I'm talking about. I could write you a line of Actionscript that returns Infinity when dividing by zero.

Of course, if you divide zero by zero it equals zero and infinity and everything in between all at the same time. Because zero times anything will always equal zero. Unless you multiply zero by infinity, which is the same as dividing zero by zero. In Flash, it's NaN, or "Not a Number."

There was a corner to the room...

The corner where the walls meet the floor... Where is my $1000?

Awesome video, I would love to try some of those "impossible" tests just for fun... lol.


graphic could use some improvement, but the idea was and sound-effects where good. and btw.....1324 tests!!!!!!

Sounds like...

You got Sheryl Merkowski! :D

ScaredyDave responds:

Who? O.O;

it was good

The movie was good, not the best i've seen, but it had a pretty good idea to it, rather than the classic internet meme like you said.

My real problem is the fact that you listed a bunch of ideas that you were going to use in the author comments, see to me the only reason you did that is cause you think someone else might have had ideas like them, and you're trying to put them down and show people that you had the idea too. Seemed shitty to me, but that's just how i interpreted it. There's literally no need for you to list ideas that you DIDN'T use, so why do it..?

Anyway good voice acting, good animation - pretty smooth throughout, good use
of humour - but nothing that made me really laugh.

ScaredyDave responds:

I'm sorry if it came off that way, I did not mean it like that at all. The only reason I said it was because the Judges needed to know how I came to the result of how I interpreted the theme. This theme in particular was a hard one to come up with, which is why I did that. I was also trying to see if anyone would be interested in me visiting those ideas again later.