Reviews for "Simple Tests"


There are people who can lick their elbows.... a lot of them axtually.
nice flash btw


You have just made a great flash!
By the way, Harlequinde, it's possible to rip an unlaced phone book if you pull it the right way, but it's difficult for even 2 Abram tanks to pull apart an interlaced one. But you do make a lot of good points, which I also noticed immediately.
By the way, anoyne, solve for X - The square root of -0 to the -2 power, divided by 0=X... I have too much free time.

that's funny

although it would bite to be the test subject...anyway the animation was good 10/10


i thought of portal through out the flas


You know he still made more then most people make in two weeks in the span of what seems like a day, so I don't know why he was so upset about.