Reviews for "Effing Machines"

Another vote for 'Matix'

The good: upgrades are fairly easy to obtain
The bad: after a few levels, you arent really aiming anymore, just firing into the melee.
The ugly: cmon. No originality at all. You may have well referenced the Matrix in your title, or even named the game 'The Matrikz' or some other clever pun. Its ok to glean ideas from others sources.....but this is pretty much lifted directly from the movie.
Although its a worn out concept (shoot, buy upgrades, shoot, repeat) I think the easy upgrades make it a little more tolerable to play.

Smells like someone watched Matrix Revolutions

This is probably the best thing to come from the Matrix sequels.

Joking aside, I really like this- it's simple and a lot of fun.


For some reason I felt like I was killing sperm though....might want to change the machines design a bit.


Just one thing tho, after you finish and continue, the "reinforce" upgrade doesn't cost as much as showed... says "175 000", "300 000" but only 10% of it is taken. Just sayin'. Else than that, GREAT GAME!

Effin' A!!!

This game rocks a lot!!!