Reviews for "Effing Machines"

Great and addictive

1.Err...why there wasn't a "decline" at the beginning? XD
2.Is the concept from the Matrix?

Amazingly addictive

This game was outstanding to play, and I only have a few suggestions to make it better.

For one, I'm probably the only one so far to 'complain' about not having enough upgrades (As the current high score holder, once you get past 18000 kills or so, you have enough kg's to buy everything, if you did everything in a proper way). In the end though, I could only go one level after having maxed all the upgrades, so I wouldn't have been able to afford another one anyways.

For those who want to know what I did to get that far, I first upgraded the weapon and turret alternatingly, upgrading nothing else (except getting the cart boy ASAP) until both were fully done, except for maybe 1 hull, and 1 mag field upgrade. After that, I upgraded the mag field to the point where it starts costing $250000 and get a hull upgrade or two, then keep upgrading mag field until its done (last one will be $350000), then upgrade the hull completely after. You may still need to replay a few levels, but eventually, you can get to the point past all the upgrades.

Back to the review: The second thing I think should be added, is maybe having more specific upgrades, like "Improve Thor gun arc distance" or something like that. Also, I think more guns should be added too, because the most expensive one is only $150000, whereas the most expensive upgrades for the hull and mag field are $300000, and $350000.

But overall, this game is epic; I expect to see it on the front page very soon, once more people start to play it, and see how awesome it is.

its ok.

its not like effing worms. that ruled. make it more like that and youd have a superb game

not special

i recommend sticking to the effing worms game because it had more sense

"Try Again" with the same amount of money

I like games like this though I have a problem with the upgrading. This may make it easy but perhaps you can find middle ground... retrying a level you died in with the same amount of money is frustrating.
it's like, i need to upgrade things in a certain succession or i'm going to be screwed for the rest of the game. it really felt like a puzzle game, like 'ok if i get this THEN this, i can definitely beat the next boss."
BUT this was the problem. If I get semi-far in the game, buy some upgrades and the next wave didn't have enough $$ for a new one, I'd go in, new machine appears and unfortunately my new upgrades didn't help. now i die, and i can't buy anything new to help me for this wave that the game brings me back to every time i hit "try again." no money and shitload of new machines, I'm screwed and have to restart the whole game.