Reviews for "Effing Machines"

cool game and love the upgrade

great game ^^ , might need to fix the bosses invincibility tough unless it need special bomb or weak to something?

pretty good but...

i cant seem to hurt the 3rd boss. No matter what weapon i use he doesnt seem to take dmg and thus i cant advance past lvl 15
pl fix that because the game had great potential

Bug mebeh?

The third boss, the shooting one.. Wouldnt die. :S Bullents went through it?

Maybe I was doing something wrong...

good game tho.

stupid ads

good game ruined by the ad at the end


it's a pretty straightforward game, and not exactly exciting.

you only have to move around in the first couple levels; after a while you just the cart collect everything while you aim your mouse at the opening and do other things :<

at around 10,000 pts i couldn't be bothered to continue grinding levels to max upgrades and i just died so i could stop playing, haha

but perhaps make the levels after you "win" more exciting so this game has more reply value to it? throw in bosses / other heavy units, perhaps, instead of reusing the usual grunts until you get bored / eventually die?