Reviews for "Effing Machines"

good game

but WAAAAAAAYYYYY to easy, i beat it on my first run through, and ive beaten 20 some odd waves after that, and i havnt had to repair the thing in forever
the sound fx an music were ok
graphics were ok
i did love the way money was the scrapo metal from the machines you killed
all in all good time waster


..Buth hard as hell.I was able to finish it on my 3rd run

And for those who cant get past 3rd boss - dont shoot him , shoot bigass green saw.

I bet...

I bet this was inspired by the Matrix 3.

its pretty fun

its fun until u get to the invicible bosses

Good game

Not much of a challenge but fun to kill time with. And just concentrate fire on the energy saw on the 3rd boss its not hard to figure out