Reviews for "Effing Machines"

its simple and nyc it make me addicted for like an hour

Really nice way to spend your time instead of working!

My main complaint would be that you can't turn the music off without turning off the sound effects. That really annoyed me.

Besides that, I sometimes had the feeling it's a little unbalanced. Some waves I had to redo 3 or 4 times, while some other waves after that I got through without barely a scratch.

And like some others mentioned, it would have been cooler if all the weapons remained bullet based. If only to stick closer to the source material.

only downside i could find is a slight amount of lag from so much on screen and no medals?! what up with that, good nuff game to have um!

You cant even attack the 3rd boss

Fun Game with Below Par Music

This is a nice and simple game that you can just sit down and play without too much thought. I only wish there were more upgrades, and maybe some abilities that could be added to your mech.
Also, I must say that the song you chose for this game is terrible. It's a barrage of screeching guitars, typical metal/ hc riffs, all wrapped together in a poorly recorded infinite loop which stings the ear drums.
The soundtrack/ sound fx used for a video game can make or break it, so luckily you have a mute button, but then again the fx go away with the music.
Please don't take this review harshly but constructively. It's a well put together game, and I hate to see talent squandered due to a simple issue like song selection.