Reviews for "Effing Machines"

I really like the theme of this game ,most games inspired by Matrix focus on simulation world, but I always liked the real word tech and always wanted to play out a battle similar to one in Matrix Revolutions. This game captures the cinematic feel really well and adds to it by adding powerful lighting weapons.

Things that are awesome:
Weapons - all weapons looked, sounded and felt increadibly powerful, the two final ones, lighting gun and Thor cannon are simply Uber.
Machines - nice variety, some represented machines from the movie, others were unique but looked like they belong to the same universe, all looked menacing and fun to destroy. My favourites are the saw shooters and self-detonating ones as they bring most of challenge in game as player must decide whether to prioritize attacking them or closest and strongest melee machine.

Things that could have been better:
-Final boss - too simple and generic both looks wise and gameplay wise, after the intresting 3rd boss which required a special tactic to beat, this one was a dissapointment.
-Final scene with unleasing of EMP - too few Machines died by EMP - that wave looked like no threat and could easily be stopped by Lighting gun or Thor cannon. The EMP scene had to feature a wave of doznens of strongest Machines and maybe even multiple bosses attacking simultaneously.

Didn't know that there were a Matrix 4 :o

Great job ;)

Reminds me of something...

Really great. Nice physics and logic, also.

The only reason this isn't rated five stars is because of the FUCKING ADS! Otherwise a very great game.