Reviews for "Villainous - Tower Attack"

Absolutely stunningly great!

OK, after 7 hours of playtime I got the secret newgrounds treasure, been more than halfway through the map earning gold medals, and can seriously say that this game rocks! It's addictive, gameplay is nice, graphics ain't bad. To get to the higher levels, you definitely need to get your brains working, you can't mindlessly spawn goblins.

Some tips :
- Updating the Element is only necessary later in the game, when you need a lot of mana
- upgrade path and raid infamy asap, it will help you get the other updates faster.
- Towers give increasingly more damage, so it's best to use the health spell in the first waves, and blocking the towers in the later waves.
- fast-forward by pressing the spacebar until you have enough mana to do the next trick. Otherwise gameplay can be very long...
- Turtles last longer if you don't put them first. They take all the hits, so you might spread some to preceding figures. Otherwise they won't last longer than one wave, and you'll miss them...
-Look at the towertypes. When you have not much arrowtowers, there is actually no need for turtles whatsoever
-It doesn't pay off to put too much protection, as you'll have less goblins. It's better to get the medal in 3 waves than in 4, so balance between special figures and goblins.
- if you have enough mana, it's actually smarter to stun the bog towers than to use cleanse warwocks

Boy, there's so much in the game. Well done! And now I'm going to unlock the last level of the game.


the most odd, brilliant game i've played in a long time! Probably should have gone to bed long time ago. I love it!


Wow this game is brilliant i couldn't get enough please tell me there will be a second one!

Nice one

I seriously liked this, its pretty unique. There's a lot ot achieve, which is always more fun, and the castle structure was a nice touch. Its a very good game, very entertaining.

i think this is one of the most refreshing TD's since anti TD i love the smooth gameplay plenty of units and upgrades to play around with and the strategy implements are almost endless great job keep the awesome games coming