Reviews for "Villainous - Tower Attack"

Amazing Game Keep It Up!

I Give It A 10.. Out Of 10!

This is a very fun game!

I loved it! nuff said.

In s word...triumphant

One must say that a game such as this is rather enjoyable, granted it may contains one or two flaws that may break down his game to pieces, it still goes strong even in the line of defeat.

Villainous - Tower Attack is one of those 'enjoyable' games as I mentioned, what is enjoyable, but also unique about it is how it's set and planned out, instead of DEFENDING a castle, town, villiage, etc. you INVADE one instead and how these gentlemen with their great experience in Actionscripting execute this performance remarkably...we may never know.

Besides invading, you also upgrade your army to become stronger, mightier, faster, better, more powerful than the greatest legion this side of Britannia. You gradually create an army as mighty as the many great myths and ancient gods of our time.

However, there are one or two cracks to this masterpiece that make it shatter to the ground.

For instance, your army is too small, granted, you're supposed to start with a legion which is not powerful enought to conquer continents, but three members just isn't enough for your infantry, you may have eternal magic on your side, but it won't save you enough from surviving three or four onslaughts under fire.

Secondly, your army cannot fight back against the many onslaughts it suffers through, they can reach their destination from point A to point B, but they can't be bothered to defend for themselves other than yourself upgrading their health. That's rather appalling.

However, one must not judge so soon on a game due to its negative points, it's still entertaining and may be even more entertaining when you upgrade your army to the full.

Overall, a game definitely suited for the ranks of the Newgrounds front page, if I do not see this game achieve such glorious praise...I shall write one complaint to the website itself.

Good day and godspeed.

CellarDoorGames responds:

You can actually grow the number of units in your army by putting more infamy into the Summon+ skill in the skill tree.

OH man