Reviews for "Villainous - Tower Attack"

Very Solid Game

I Like this game alot, it has a refreshingly original Idea mixed with interesting gameplay, very well done.

greait idea. REALLY original... but

it makes you grind....and grind.... and GRIND for points!!!!

never thought of a game like this

pretty cool, like the idea.

I like a good challenge!

I like how this game is so different from all the other tower defense games in that the player gets to send out the waves of enemies. I also found myself thinking that even though the first wave of each level kind of sucks despite my best strategies with the monsters I initially had, I found that to be a nice challenge to try to overcome.
I bet that if you make a sequel to this game, I think that you should have a custom level editor so the players can create their own levels and send them online for others to use. I think that would be epic!


omfg please fix this bug it is driving me nuts an 100 medal keeps poping up and makes the game a super lag please fix this thing also when im triyng just to make a profile it wont let me please fix THANX