Reviews for "SS - Human History 4"


You are incredible. I doubt our civilization will attain a Murkabah by 2012. Let's hope we don't fall too far down the rabbit hole! Love the Buddy Christ pose at the end : P Fucking stellar. Keep 'em coming!

This was so Good!

i watched it twice, and its amazing how jordan d. takes the time to obtain this information and present it in this great flash.

Lol, Thoth 'n palls

That openning just made me lawl.

Now that Ive got that out of the way...


You say that Jordan doesn't know what he's talking about, and that nothing special happens when a pole shift occurs, but tell me...have you lived through one? In case you haven't noticed none of us here could ever have lived through one so therefore, how do you know what happens? Don't give a 'BS' (as you would put it) answer of thats what science says, because for scientists, mostly what we know on them is a /theory/ nothing more. Until you have proof that there is no great memory swipe, or a moment of void, then you have to be open to all arguements, else you look like the ignorant, uneducated one.

Now then, to the flash. Another great episode, a little disapointing that you ALWAYS end it at the good part but hey, it does keep it interesting and make me want to watch the next one. I am a little curious on some things however.

1) So if (or when, depending on whoever reads this) we go through the void during the polar shift, will we have a memory wipe?
2) What exactly happens during a time of 'void?'

We wont see this but....

What happens when we die where does the soul go to ?

wohoo another lession :D

i like your series. enjoy each and every chapter.
oh and about the fact of giant and none physical people, it is the tale on the Himalaiya too, was told by those of the oldest(high priest) and i belive that stuff :)