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Reviews for "Mega Miner"

Awesome game

I was up until 5am with coffee on this game. the sprite work is nicely done. I played Motherload and its a nice game, but I like this game since the graphics are appealing and arent on a one sided palette. Id love to play a sequel!!!

Casual Gaming was never more fun

This is a modern take on the concept of a (or some...) really old game(s).
It's nice to see something that I used to play on DOS almost 20 years ago brought back in such a fun way.

Keeping enough of the original formula intact to maintain the same fun gameplay, while changing just enough to make it fresh makes this submission great.

This game is calm, slow paced, and fun. It's big enough to keep you entertained for hours.

Excellent Game

I love the miner type games, and this one is top notch.

To everyone complaining that is is a "ripoff of Mother-lode," ML wasn't the first game to use hte mining mechanic, nor will it be the last. And this fixes a lot of the problems that ML has, and adds in new features. Hands down the best mining game out right now.

9/10 total. Good solid classic game. Mega Miners is on my favorites for a reason. Plus, who doesn't like a flash with a bunch of candy trophies!

I started playing this game in 2011 and finally, after years I've managed to get all of the achievements. Now, my friend says that there's this new game called minecraft and that I should play it. I bet it can't take me as long as this game did...

Great game, I really liked the atmospheric sounds that can be heard when underground, like droplets of water falling and echoing through the caverns. Even if there's no water anywhere. The treasure hunt is awesome and by the time I finished it the underground landscape was such that it would make a texan fracking company proud, and I also liked how every treasure or group of them would have a little story. The only thing that kind of bugged me was the warning sound of the fuel and cargo meters (just the popup signs would have sufficed), but then again maybe I've been playing for too long ;P

Anyway. It's been an awesome game, and I know that I'll replay it in the future.