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Reviews for "Mega Miner"


one of the best games I ever played here 5/5

16-bit Motherload??

Runs good and great graphics, but isn't this very similar to MotherLoad?

If I see Mr. Natas at the bottom...

This is Motherload, with original graphics. The concept, the upgrades, the value of the collectable items, the execution...

There are a few changes from the original execution: driving along in all directions at your own leisure as opposed to flying up and down shafts and dealing with impact damages is different.

So between the minute differences like that and your own art and audio put into it, I'm willing to write it as more of a knock-off than a total copy. It's fun, but so was Motherload.


I think you should make rescue costs lower when you're closer to the surface (sorry if it's already like that).