Reviews for "Mega Miner"

It took me 6 days shopping around newgrounds trying to find this game again!!!

Having finally beat the game by getting all the medals, I feel qualified enough to write a review. ;D

This is a good game. It's similar to Miner Dig Deep or Motherlode, but not quite as in-depth as those. I think the biggest improvement that should have been made was the inclusion of a minimap or radar. It can get really confusing down there, what with no landmarks to guide you back to your teleport when you're low on fuel.

This game was really fun. I enjoyed it. I like the pixel-style graphics and the excitement you feel when you stumble on one of those giant shiny diamonds! Haha. Overall, it's a pretty good, addicting, fun, and laid back. I like it. The upgrade store is a little, but that adds to the challenge of the game. I don't see many flaws with this game, besides maybe becoming a little repetitive over time, but the game is based on mining and selling, so I guess that should be expected. I really like how you have the mission board for a little extra twist on things and the fact that you can save your progress and come back to it later, is a huge plus. The music is simple, but relaxing and nice. Thanks for the game.

wow cool best game ever

it's a sequel of utopian mining,the cOre ore=black box
and olso a sequel of motherload--->acient remains+treasures!