Reviews for "Mega Miner"

Dang, how did I miss this one? Anyway, this was a pretty good game to play. It certainly looks like a new game instead of two years old. Of course, it's been awhile since a new FlashPlayer came about anyway. It was neat to have this design. I liked how it was fairly easy to understand. I thought you didn't burn fuel by going somewhere you'd already dug, but you did.

You don't seem to lose any on land, though. I liked all the little sounds that were everywhere. It even has kind of a nice name. I just don't have much of an understanding of how I go deeper. It must be something that happens with upgrades.

Just got all the medals. Awesome game. Simple fun is usually the best kind of fun.

rellay awsome

i like the game but the miner is kinda slow if we can incraese the speed (like engine) it will be better cause wandering around in the deep kinda hurt the fuel XD

Is the music in this awesome game from that awesome PS1 game Legend of Dragoon?