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Reviews for "Mega Miner"


It's a knock-off of Motherload. The game barely even tried to be original, with minerals and upgrades basically the same thing as in the other game. Not much new here, nothing really better or more interesting than Motherload.

Best mining game ever! other than minecraft...

This is great!
-Great graphics!
-Great UPgrades
-Great items
-Amazing game!

I know it looks like a copy of motherload but this is even BETTER!


Addictive but it got boring I stopped after about ten minutes.
Every 1st upgrade
Transporter to 300 metres
Lowest point 600+ metres


This game appears to be a carbon copy of motherload, albeit lacking the graphics quality and responsive controls.

There is truth in Darkeyedesign's review.... Very uncool to rip off a game in almost every way. For that my review is the same as his

It was alright

It kept my attention for a long while but it is way too repetitive, and you basically HAVE to get the teleporter or else you will get nowhere in the game after about 500-600 Depth, needs more things to do to keep the user occupied.