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Reviews for "Mega Miner"

Maybe its just me

I love the game, I found it to be a fun little time killer for my afternoon,.
Maybe its just me, but did anyone else run into a bug where your item tab just vanishes?
that happened to me, and it kinda sucks cause I had like 20 sticks of dynamite and planned on using them.

I was gonna say...

Motherload. But everyone beat me to it. Sorry bro it's just been done before... Like exactly the same...

Sorry but this is coming from a Goldium edition vet and this was downright eerie seeing the layout and instantly seeing the ML buildings ghosts pop up over them in my mind. Good try though, score would definitely be higher if it weren't done before.


It's a knock-off of Motherload. The game barely even tried to be original, with minerals and upgrades basically the same thing as in the other game. Not much new here, nothing really better or more interesting than Motherload.

Best mining game ever! other than minecraft...

This is great!
-Great graphics!
-Great UPgrades
-Great items
-Amazing game!

I know it looks like a copy of motherload but this is even BETTER!


Addictive but it got boring I stopped after about ten minutes.
Every 1st upgrade
Transporter to 300 metres
Lowest point 600+ metres