Reviews for "Mega Miner"

Another great mining game on newgrounds!

The only thing I really can think of mentioning is to fix the speech windows, as they are missing some words and as a result, don't make complete sense.

I give 4.5 stars for a reason. Enjoyable game love it tons better than Motherload by a long shot. However I have one suggestion. On the Clear Map Medals and Achievements, make it known how much percentage you have cleared or add it somewhere on the screen. Beyond that 5 stars on gameplay and graphics :) ~~Skyclad

it takes a long time to beat

Great concept as seen before in motherload for exemple.

The controls are ok, more hotkeys could be added and customised controls would be excellent.
Customized warnings should be made, The fuel warning is the most annoying and futile.
The map could be made to zoom in and out and delay on it could be eliminated.
The game lacks graphic options, its ok.

The progress mechanic could be revised, refer to Motherload.
The transition from the 3rd to 4th cooling system is repetitive.
thirdly, there is no plot twist or dangers, this game is too easy.

by the rating references 2-3 describe it best for me.

Love the game (Although the mechanic charges more than the label says. That may need to be tweaked)