Reviews for "Mega Miner"

This needs a sequel, the game is pretty good and entertaining, good mechanics, the controls are responsive and good pixel art graphics.

I love it. Needs to have a turbo or something, so the game goes faster..Looking forward to more games like this.

ce jeu et par mal mais une fois fini il a chiant 10/6

My beloved and finally finished game. This game is so perfect!

I started playing this game in 2011 and finally, after years I've managed to get all of the achievements. Now, my friend says that there's this new game called minecraft and that I should play it. I bet it can't take me as long as this game did...

Great game, I really liked the atmospheric sounds that can be heard when underground, like droplets of water falling and echoing through the caverns. Even if there's no water anywhere. The treasure hunt is awesome and by the time I finished it the underground landscape was such that it would make a texan fracking company proud, and I also liked how every treasure or group of them would have a little story. The only thing that kind of bugged me was the warning sound of the fuel and cargo meters (just the popup signs would have sufficed), but then again maybe I've been playing for too long ;P

Anyway. It's been an awesome game, and I know that I'll replay it in the future.