Reviews for "Mega Miner"

This is a very fun game. The concept is simple yet rewarding. Maybe it is just me, but if I hit refresh my saved data gets deleted. This game takes a long time to find everything so not being able to really save ruins the fun for me. If it would be possible to somehow fix this that would be great.

I completed the game, with all of the objectives... But I still am missing the 10 Giant Gems Newgrounds medal. Could it be gliched? Aside from that, it is a great game.

I dont know why.. but i love this game

it was a good game BUT the controls are hard to use and you would sometimes mine something or move more than you want also can you make the drilling machine move faster on land

Poliwaka you need to go to the saveing machine to save lol. Great game made my dad play it and he liked it so Great job keep up the good work.