Reviews for "Mega Miner"

The words are blurred and unreadable

A very good game!

I loved this game back when it first came out, it took me a load of time to do anything, I think I played it for months, I don't know how I played it for months, I got all but one achievements in one 7 hour sitting today.

The only reason I kept playing it every now and then was to get all of the achievements. But somehow, today, 8 of the most time-consuming achievements don't appear in my page!

I don't hate the game, I hate the fact that everything I've done was just pissing in the wind, even if it took 7 hours, it means that perhaps I have to go through all of the game again just to get another chance of getting the achievements!

Is there any chance to fix that issue? I just want to get this game out of my system, get some kind of closure...

It's not saving

Can get slightly boring when you begin to reach the end as there is no clear cut ending. Either way it is a good game to pass the time with.