Reviews for "Shads Experimental-Scraps"

0.o that akkward moment when you wondered if she were real.... =D
lol nah great work , would love to see more.

this is where I ended up on the internet *sigh* ... fun

I liked the big, happy tarkatan family.

nice drawings but if you singled them out and blew them up, it would be better in the art portal than this compilation hidden in the game section

If anyone view just one of your works, I hope it is this one.
You are not the narrow-minded penis and butt jokes that you display, but rather a very talented artest who has a broad spectrum of ideas, and skill. Although I do believe that this only shows a fraction of your ability, it is a showcase of what you are able to do.
I only just wish that there was a zoom in button, to see the finer details of some of the pages.