Reviews for "Shads Experimental-Scraps"

This is Awesome

Something's wrong with the two people below me for not rating 10 :L


There are like 4-5 Solid drawings. These are the best drawings I have ever seen in my entire life.

Someone said you were some kind of weirdo.They said all you drew w ere anime ppl in constant coitus. I only saw 3 of these sketches. This is a good sign.

You should put your stuff on Deviant Art

Honestly this is new grounds now Deviant Art or some scrap book website. Don't get me wrong there are way worse than this, but it wasn't that enjoyable or that interactive. I guess it deserves credit for the art however cause it wasn't bad.

you're awesome

at degrading women and drawing a thousand things that have been drawn before. i hope you live out your spear fantasy, or inspire someone else to and go to jail/ live with that on your mind. good luck getting a girl friend for more than 3 months.

the picture with the guy and kitty

aahhuuuu that was sooo adorable and i loved looking through the whole sketchbook
wish i could hold it in person but obviously cant but these are so nice to look at