Reviews for "French Toast Tango"

really good

the music was great and really catchy. the animation wasn't the best, but i bet anyone who is watching this couldn't do even half as good.

Wow... this was shit...

I.... I just couldn't even make it through this trash... BAD music, BAD lyrics, with equally BAD animation to go along with it.

Questa รจ stata una buona

Amano questo tanto

mhm pretty catchy

mhm it's stuck in my head. not bad at all, tho the animation could have been tweeked a little. the rap was good. wasn't too fast where you cant even understand a single word. good song / amature animation.

Agreed with previous post

Animation was very shady. Much much much tweening.

However, and more importantly as this was based on music, the music was great. Odd, yes, but well done.