Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"


I loved this game, it's really calming at points, and the story is just..wow..It really makes you think, and i was almost to the point of crying. it was mindblowing. Honestly all i can say is, thank you. Great game, hope to see more like this. Especially one with such a great story. Simply amazing.


Very good game !


amazingly great game!


Touching isn't usually how I describe a game, but touching was definitely the case here.

Loved the story (who couldn't?). Made me reach that point where you're not crying, but it feels like there's something stuck in your throat. Made me think about my parents and how they're getting older.

The music fit with the game perfectly, and I loved the slow pace. I did find the secret stage, but it's kind of an obscure way to get there. I felt like some of the story went over my head, but for the most part what was going on was clear.

There really aren't words to describe this game other than "thank you."


wander full game! But idk why it lags so dame much, I have a windows 7 desktop, I don't know, it kinda messed it up for me :(