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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"


I swore I've seen a flash with this name?

Art Games

I enjoyed the premise of the game, although I do wonder why art games are so depressing. Art doesn't have to be depressing or even make a statement, it just need to be...well art. The mechanics were good although having to start an entire run over and over because your timing wasn't perfect is really annoying. 6/10 3/5.

A common problem

I, like the guy below me, could write for ages about this game but the main point I'd like to make ios that I felt the story was instresting, but didn't make up for the lack of challange, repetition or boring gameplay.

Nice idea and atmosphere, but it felt more like some sort of interactive animation than a game and there have been a few games on NG before with similiar graphics and feel before.

I'm sorry.

While the story was pretty good, the game got repetitive really fast. As for your 8th level, I doubt anyone will ever find it. The game isn't addictive enough, and while the story drove me to get all 3 "endings" (finish each level at least once with every trinket), the 8th level is WAY too well hidden (or hard to access). Leave those kind of secrets for games that are games. For pieces of interactive art like this, the key is not to put something out of reach of the player in a hope someone will, eventually, find it, but to lay clues everywhere as to where it is, leaving it as a mystery to be solved.

Overall, it was way too difficult for the engagement of the story, especially with the mechanics you gave it (Too many times have I been caught by an almost hidden flock of birds or gust of wind and pulled into the smoke. The ravens, too, are completely useless, aside for usage as a metaphor for the regrets of the past.)


I stopped playing after the second area because the level design wasn't very fun. My fingers started to hurt because I was straining with every jump. My philosophy with platformers is that the game should be lyrical. Playing a good platformer is like dancing or drumming your way through the level. This just involved a lot of waiting for a glide to land just right using a somewhat loose control scheme.

The atmosphere was nice, but there are a lot of games that have done the same thing, so it didn't feel very new to me. I liked the story snippets you did. I wish the game was more fun because I was interested to see where it went.