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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Good story and music but boring gameplay

I really liked the story and it was the one thing that kept me coming back to the game even after i got bored with gameplay after level 3
-awesome music selection really fit the tone and mood of the game
-the story was interesting and compelling and once you finally figured out what was going on you wanted to hear more just to see if you were right
-interesting idea for the world that slowly began to deteriorate as the story went on
-the gameplay gets boring fast and i found myself just doing the platforming to find more story bubbles, story is only part of the gameplay you should be enjoying the gameplay so much that finding the story is fun and exciting rather than being the only thing that keeps you going
-also add a glide button that dosen't make you have to jump again, when you forget to glide in some of the tighter platforming areas just die because you won't make it
Decision 8/10
While the story and music were wonderful and the controls were good for the most part the repetitive nature of the gameplay makes it hard for me to want to keep playing and eventually it just became a hunt for more story

Very good

The story was interesting enough to keep me playing and the music/mechanics/visuals of the game were great. Keep up the good work

sound is wonderful

I have three theories one is that he's just dreaming

but the second one is him going through memories

and the last one is he died in the fire on the first level

other than that is preety good but repetition is kinda hard on the hands

I recall seeing this flash before...

It was in another game with flowers and such and a wife or something.

I can't seem to remember..

twofoldsecret responds:

It sounds like you're thinking of our first game, Where We Remain? http://twofoldsecret.com/whereweremai n/



gesus you are a great reviewer

that being said, i should give a slightly higher rating, since you put in effort.