Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"


The plot in this game is truly beautiful. Ive never seen a game with a story this deep; I've hardly ever seen a film with a story this deep. I'm assuming theres a way to beat this game, I havent found it yet, but I'm gonna try all night to finish it. I've gotten seriously in deep with this game and I'm hanging with it to the end.
My only problem might be the controls, theyre a bit too difficult to master. But the story makes up for it a thousand times over, for sure.


cooooooooooooooooolllllllllllll twofoldsecret

Beatiful but boring!

I was an ok game it had overall a VERY GOOD story just a very slow and sluggish game play. I really didn't like it. it wasn't a game to my liking but if you like these games more power to you. My Advice to you is to add more action which may draw more gamers. If you added action and say boss battles i would give this a much higher score but i think this score is completely fair.

Awesome game!

I honestly thought this game was very enjoyable. The music, art, and storyline made it worth while. I didn't get to finish the whole thing because the computer shut off on me and BOY was I pissed. I saw all the low comments and ratings and thought I wouldn't like it either, but actually playing it for 15 minutes or so I began to really like it. Keep it up, you're on your way to something BIG! (:

too slow

i know you were going for some sentimental mawkish bs... who hasn't? seems like theres a bunch of these games and they are all the same. very generic. id say this is a bit sub par comparatively speaking because the controls are very sluggish and the visuals arent that pretty. ive kind of had enough of these games as well. i wish they would stop getting made, they are ruining this portal. they take little to no effort to make, just some guy who smokes alot of whatever then writes down some non-sequiter blurbs that have a veneer of deep thought, but dont go much further than superficial nonsense about a less-than-extraordinary life occurrence. for those reading: dont be fooled! do not get sucked into the faddish trance of so-called "deep thought" games. take a step back, and realize that this game sucks.