Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Multiple Endings, mean multiple interpretations

This game really surprised me in its difficulty yet its simplicity, causing rages with one item, while a different item had caused you to survive. It was really awesome how you blended in so many different themes and caused a very cool trio of endings.

Getting the candle in the majority of the levels causes you to wake up hence the name of the game "Alight". I saw the hindering of smoke as a danger at the beginning of the game and realized "What if he didn't blow out the candle?" The growing importance of smoke made me realize this, and the significance of the candle later on because it was given to him by his mother made me realize the true importance of the candle. The plot of the game was him dreaming of his entire life flashing before his eyes. (No pun intended) He was about to die, but he was experiencing the high and lows of his life. Only when he would come to terms with himself and his mothers death, he would truly realize that he has to remember the significance of everything around him.


lurv the engin and feel of it all :) ty

It's a great game.

As I played this, I was brought through a story of a man's life. It was invigorating and overwhelming to see this mans sad tale of life. At the end, I believe the game was about athiesm. Once you get both endings, you realize that.

Attention: SPOILER!
The first ending was where he passed on and stated that he didn't know if he was trading one nightmare for another. The second ending, where you get clocks in every level and jump off a ledge at the end, is where he disappears forever and is dead and nothing. Most people think that this means they lost. Really, this is stating that Atheists want to go into nothingness, because they believe that if the world is corrupt and hateful and filled with death, then the afterlife may be just as bad, thus they want to disappear. The only reason I gave it a 9 is because, you made it so hard to find that out. All the puzzle is to much for the average gamer.

Great game

To make this game better they would have to have stuff to kill.

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