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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"


This story has a much bigger meaning then you would expect. Each thing you take makes the difficulty harder and harder. The candle is what burnt the house down. The candle is the ''Easy way out'' choice. Clock is slightly harder, Feather harder yet. I really enjoyed this game, just due to it's interesting story. Nicely done my friend, please make more games like this.


This game deserves more than what it has for a score.

It's an amazing story, this is more story than game, and the gameplay is a bit clunky at time, but its very enjoyable and I find myself looking for those little smoke signs to find out more.

Heres to Mom's!

interesting hidden message!

i've only got one ending so far, but i can guess that the harder difficulty you give yourself, the better the ending at the end will be.


i actually guessed right from the start that the scent of smoke was the house burning down in real life. i am guessing that the candle is the "easy mode", and it represents the candle burning the house down, meaning it is the "suicide" choice, or the "easy way out".
i'm not sure what the wings represent... freedom? i'd have to see the ending for
that to know for sure.
and i haven't seen the ending for the alarm clock, but i am guessing it's one where you escape the fire. i am guessing it represents waking up, facing reality, and facing your challenges with optimism. it seemed to me that the dialogue you get after getting the alarm clock is more optimistic than the dialogue you get after getting the candle.
a very interesting idea. giving three different choices, each representing a different moral choice. from the easiest, which is suicide, to the hardest, which is waking up, this difficulty being reflected in the game. i like the symbolism for sure.
as for the game mechanics themselves, they are not my style. i didn't really like the randomness in avoiding the crows, even though it was never difficult. avoiding the walls was fun but i don't like waiting a long time to glide down just to see what's under you. and i really don't like situations where if you fall down fast, you will die instead of land on something.
i would prefer the game to have faster horizontal movement too, and an option to fall slowly without needing to use up excess flight energy. that would eliminate the falling too fast into death problem.
anyway, i'm giving a 9 for the unique story idea. even if my theory is wrong, you deserve the good score. :D

i feel emotions!

omg...this is beatiful! i feel the gAme in many ways, both happy and emotion full too!
thx 4 this game... i havent played thru the wole game, but is this true stories?

Beautiful Game

I really enjoyed playing this game and I always wanted to know more,, to find every smoke, to find out whats going on, and I have to say it didn't let me down. A beautiful game, with great music and a wonderful story. 10/10, hands down