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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Touching, worldess to describe this game's wonders

Very touching game, this reminds me of that one game, oh, by 2darray, Company of Myself, that's it. With the sad story accompanying in a fairly simple game.
So touching, and some of the levels were a little complicated. I had to get to the end for the story.

My Review

The story was amazing, i found myself on the edge of my seat frantically looking for the next cloud to read the next part of the story. An explanation of the 3 items would have been nice, and i should have read the medals before i started playing, i beat the game and only got 10 points. At one point i got lost and searched everywhere for the door. I think a compass to point you to the next point would have been a nice touch. Decent game

Just an illusion

People who make these type's of games set out to tell a story. This only appeals to a certain number of people, because I personnaly don't play games to hear a compelling story, but instead to experience a new type of gameplay. That is where this game fails.

The reason that this is a game and not a film is because people like feeling that their progressing through the story. Through every challange and obstacle their becoming a part of this mans life. This sadly, is just an illusion. The gameplay is flat, has been done countless times, and feels repetetive and unenjoyable.

This is nothing but a simple game wrapped in fancy paper to make it look good.


I dreamed of playing this game... how cool is that?

Nice try

I like the idea around this game. But the gameplay is way too annoying to be enjoyable.