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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Brilliant except for a glitch

I am absolutely in love with this game. The pixel art is great and the music puts me in a trance every time I play. My only gripe with it is a glitch on the 4th lvl where I got suck from the wind and couldn't get up because I couldn't jump. Otherwise its great; have you thought about putting it in the indie game showcase at PAX?

The ending made me laugh

Seriously where did that flying shark come from wtf!?

Complex Idea; Simple Game

This game made me think about my life, my future and my aspirations. It was a great game which reach an emotional climax and is a little convoluted but great nonetheless and if anything because of it. In terms of gamplay, its simple and intuative.

All of that is very simple. As a matter of fact this game in all is just very simple. To me that doesnt make it bad, it just makes me focus on the main idea. I cant lie and say I wasnt thinking to myself :am I almost done, whemn will this be over: and a game should never have the player thinking that. But still, I give this game a 9/10 for the emotional aspect of it all. Advice if anything: next time, instead of telling the story through graphics and words, tell what you want to say THROUGH the gameplay. The main idea of this game is inspiring and thought provoking. While slightly tricky at points, the gameplay is far from that .__. far to simple for the point

Nice idea (I think)

I like the feel of the levels. That's what at least 4 of the 5 stars I gave are for.

This has to be one of the most claustrophobic games I've played! The movement is delayed and awkward and the "flight" (slowed jumps) highly limited, all of it gives the feeling of crawling through mud. I'm sure this was aiming to be that dreamlike paralysis but I think a more dreamy atmosphere could have done that better than frustrating gameplay.

"I had never smelt anything in dreams before..."
I think I know the studies this was based on but I have to say I'm sceptical of said studies (I certainly do smell and taste things in my dreams, all sorts of things), and this aside I'm not sure most people NOTICE that they don't smell or taste anything during dreams.

Having your character having read that people didn't smell during dreams and applying that during this dream (quite lucid but it already was) would have worked better I think.

But it doesn't matter. I gave up on Level 3 after I again missed an awkward jump set and fell right to the bottom (I'd been trying to miss so that I reset to the high ledge; failed in that).

Eeh...kinda good

Your game is pretty good in pixel art,good story concept,and pretty simple controls,but it is kinda difficult,like in the university level.So,I give you a C+.7/10,twofoldsecret.