Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

trying to find a tutorial really bad

link in the description doesnt work and there doesnt seem to be a walkthrough. I got up to the part where the smoke things are saying something like "my mom left her house to me in the will but i could never go back there. She is dead and i shouldnt live in the past. I think thats what she wouldve told me. i find myself trying to talk to my mother a lot. But maybe thats not any stranger then talking to myself." >> not sure what to do from here but im gunna keep trying to find ways to get through these levels

loving it to the end

I don't see why the complains about gameplay. Every levels seems designed cleverly that I develop skill on controlling my character while keep getting challenged. I enjoy the flight so much.

Story wise, it is a fantastic story but I already guess what happens from beginning because you mention smell of smoke on the story. If say, that is removed, I would questioning what happen and what are the meaning of everything around especially with the sound of fire crackles and broken items when you pick one of the items.

I love how there are diff challenges and story wsith different objects though regretablly I only replay the game once to get all the clocks.

I also have two questions:
- Are there different endings for full feathers and full candles?
- Is it actually possible to reach an end of level 8 instead just disappear?
- What does the cloakman give and means on the level 8?

And a request:
- playable lvl 8 on the menu


Fun, challanging, and extremely thought-provoking. I nearly cried, it was so heart-wrenching. Incredible game, I throughly enjoyed playing through it all.

Bothered by Level 8 though, sadly enough I don't grasp exactly what happened.


This game is like s game made for Genesis that no one ever played... Sorry. I tried to like it.

Good Stuff

Very good game. The thrill of flight is a good hook to any game, in my opinion.