Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Great story, so-so gameplay

as everyone else said already, the story is good and i like ur concept. Gliding is fun too.

- gameplay is not great... i do think the glide and jump shud be separate buttons. occasionally i'd rather glide, but I have to use up the jump meter in order to glide. Also, gliding in narrow spot is difficult when u have to jump 1st.
- zooming closer when entering a room is not very helpful. makes it a little harder.
- the 1st jump is so low, why is that?
- i feel that the guy moves a little too slow.

at 1st, i picked the candle/feather/clock at random, and realised they are easy, medium, and hard. the alternate ending made me curious, so i went back to play again and choose all clocks. interesting.


This amazing, probably best game i`ve play this genre.


The gameplay is not the best, but I really liked the story. I think this should be in art games category.

Beautiful but flawed.

This game tortures me. It is a truly BEAUTIFUL concept, but the execution just leaves so much to be desired.

The story is great. Introspective, intruiging, well written. The atmosphere is great, the worlds you have built are uniquely disparate, pockets of familiarity tied together in a trail of memories, much like how dreams themselves are structured.

The only killer is the gameplay. It's just dreary.
The flight mechanics give no feeling of freedom. Flight that only lets you flap three times and glide? What little freedom they do give you ends up being a curse when you bring in the claustrophobic challenge sections. All it is is basically a triple jump with some lowered gravity. If you wanted to achieve true freedom through gameplay to match your premise I would have gone for a secondary 'flight' system on top of the 'triple jump' style.

The 'true' flight system would be ineffective if you tried to use it during some of the more delicate platforming sections, but would help immeasurably to open up the world and really hit home your concept of 'freedom from memories'. You could control it simply, up to flap your wings, down to dive, left and right to move respectively. All you would have to integrate would be a guide system to the next cluster of memories in the form of a trail or an arrow.

In reference to the art style, I would have gone for less bright, retro colours. I know that retro was your intention, but a greyer pallete would have helped bring out the atmosphere and mood a little more.

I loved your game 'Where We Remain'. It was poetic, beautiful, intruiging and full of secrets. This is in the same boat. It really ties in with your name and what you stand for. But it brings the flaws with it too.

Not every game has to innovate, but every game must be entertaining. It must constantly introduce new elements to keep the game flowing and keep it from becoming dreary. Combat does not work in this case, but if you introduced more challenges to your flight mechanic or introduced sporadic 'nightmare' points where the dream-scape shifts and distorts (a concept hinted at with your current model)

Again, beautiful, but flawed. Hope my criticism helped :)

nice loading :|

10 years huh?