Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Is this all there is?

I found level 8 but I feel like there should be something more to it. Maybe if I found all the motherly figures. Is there a way to know wish path leads to her?

Spoiler for level 8 : I don't know if it is necessary but I did all the alarms. At the end, I didn't take the big door. A message "Maybe there is a better way" appeared at the bottom. I jumped to the bottom and there was level 8.

Simply Amazing

While the gameplay may sometimes be too challenging and actually upsetting the mood, the story and dialogue was absolutely beautiful. If one opens themselves to the story, they realize the sadness of what life brings, the importance of family, and the dangers of depression. I only hope the typical ADHD newgrounder will be able to appreciate it.

The visuals providing an abstract representation of the narrative was only the icing on the cake.

I always choose the candle, the light,

Becuase i like to see the darkness. :)

Very Touching

I've lost a loved one to cancer, and as the story progressed I found it touched me a lot more deeply than I was expecting. Beautifully melancholy. I struck down a single point only because I had difficulty navigating some levels, not so much due to difficulty but because it was sometimes not completely clear where I needed to go. Still, consider it a testament to the story that I was willing to keep at it until I came to the end. You have moved me, sir.


overall i never finished this game, cuz when i get bored i like a game that keeps me going, not one that shows an interesting story but makes you continuously try and fail in order to move on, all i was interested in was whether er not he was dying in a fire or something else was going to happen, but im not planning on sitting here for half an hour to fail enough times to learn a goddamned level.