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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Simply Amazing.

The story really got me. The more I learned the more I felt bad for this guy.
The ending confused me a bit...I'm definitely going to playthrough this again.

Great game, great story, great music... How did this game only get the daily FOURTH place...? It deserves first (or better if that's possible...)


gameplay was a little frustrating but fun, controls were well handled, but I think what struck me the most was the storyline and music. the music reminded me of what was the happier days in my life, and as goes the plotline... I haven't cried over media since Grave of the Fireflies, not sure what struck me in this exactly....

Not for everyone...

... but Great for those who enjoy a game that has replay value, a great story, beautiful music, and simple, yet beautiful graphics.

I've made it to level 8 and (possible spoiler) gotten out of level 8, and I'm STILL trying to find more secrets in this game.

While the gameplay may not be fast paced and action packed, it sets the tone for the game and allows the player to feel the slow smooth pace the dream the main character is portraying, able to fly and explore.

I enjoyed this game and I hope others will at least play it with an open mind and try beating it before making assumption the game.

Perfect Angel controls

Platformers starring angels have what I call 'flight dilemma'. If the character has limitless flight, then the game would not be challenging. If the flight is too limited, it would seem pointless to give the angel his wings in the first place. This is why a certain angel from Nintendo took so long to make his revival. Hate to say it, but what you came up with is really giving them a run for their money.
When you make a game that Nintendo should take notes from,
you have done something special.


On the spectacle side the game is nothing special, but on the plot wise, music wise, and the control wise it is fantastic