Reviews for "Rampaging Boss"

Pretty good

not the worst ive seen, but certainly not the best. The insanely loud music that blew out my headphones was a nice touch, but it got annoying pretty quick.


It wasn't terrible, but there are several things that could be worked on.

I like the premise overall, and it could be something really funny (though I was a little put off when I found this was a copy of a Touhou video), but it's got some hangups that really bring the piece down...

The sequences between chase scenes felt much too slow in comparison to the fast music going on through the rest of the piece. This made the bits inbetween chases seem sluggish and a little bland. The situations were chuckle-worthy, but they lost their punch quickly after lingering on-screen for a while.

The chase sequences themselves seemed a little bland as well. It was mostly just the same running animation with the characters being dragged to different positions on screen. I liked the few little change-ups you did near the end, but it would have been nice to see more of those during the entire animation.

Last thing: the syncing was a little off when it came near the end of the animation. Severely threw off the flow.

Like I said, this wasn't a bad piece, really, but it definitely has some room for improvement.

RongRong responds:

Thank you very much for the suggestions and review :D


the music got annoying after a while, that is all.


all i can say is awsome!!!!!!

Now hiring: Office workers able to run a marathon

Fun concept, and it's nice to see someone with this art style (a manga influenced drawing style) make it to the front page. I loved the music nice setting for the miles of Office Space they spanned. I thought it was funny the 4th person didn't even get a chase, just face down in a pool of blood, ha. Although you'd think something like: "Super-Human ill tempered boss" would be in the job description.