Reviews for "Rampaging Boss"

That was great

That was very funny and cool.I really liked it.


Good animation. Good use of Night of Pony. :D

It was pretty funny

It made me laugh! You have room for improvement, but it was still really good. When it comes down to it, it was pretty good all in all.

I like it

personally I find it quite enjoyable some parts made me laugh and the animation was nice. sure, the chase scenes had the characters doing the same run but many flash videos use the same animations for characters anyways. On top of that the characters themselves were of higher quality than some of the stick figure videos who happen to get high scores just because 50 stick people are slaughtered by another stick person with an explosion or two inbetween. I give you props for making an effort having good sound and animation quality as well as something that also made sense. Well done.


I wonder what he did to the girl ;) :P?