Reviews for "Rampaging Boss"

i fucken missed lol

also i think its funny and i like th.e music


More frames, it didn't look good the way it is.
The idea's funny, but the animation killed it...

Good, anyways.


favorite :3

Pretty cool

Mad props for animating something that isn't made of stick figures lol There were some anatomy issues and the running was a little stiff but I'm cool with that because this was kinda funny.

awesome movie :D

To all who voted 3 or under saying "this is crap, oooh this sux, this is a waste of my time", well i'll tell u something. Try to do something like this, use the same programs and try, TRY to make a real flash movie that's at least half as awesome as this one. If you "don't wanna, coz it's eating my spare time", means u can't and don't wanna coz u know u can't do this, so give this praise, drag it down with a real fcking reason or shut the f up. Sorry all you praisers for having to read this message, just awesome video, loved it! 5-ved and faved by me! Looking forward to other videos by u! Keep up the good work!