Reviews for "Rampaging Boss"


seeing this just reminds me what flash animation was back then you cant beat the classic style

Definetely not front page worthy

Sorry but I don't think that should be considered animation. It's just still pictures changing every second or so. The chase scene was just a loop.


Waste of my time


I would give you more but since you are basically this parody is almost a straight mock up of the whole Rampaging Sakuya I feel like little effort and originality was implemented here... Same movements and music to a T, Just a difference in characters.


I see what u tried doing, it worked out, in most respects (music and scene management) but it really isn't an animation in respect to something like, orange, where nearly everything moves. Did I say not an animation? What i meant was, not a good one, because an animation can me 3 frames long with not much movement at all. GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT SCOTT :3><