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Reviews for "Save the Moon"

Quick fun

15days :b
prabably faster if you upgrades the fuels/star and speed first.
i noticed that few times that the plane didnt go all the way down or up to the screen where the items were. not sure why. maybe i moved the mouse to fast?
liked the music. wished the color was a bit more than just green and black though.


after a few minutes the ship[ is fully upgraded and there really isn't much of a goal anymore. it feels like after completing the objective of the game it should say "level one finished." So: short, but it looks great and it IS fun, but totally mindless fun.

it was

a ok game my screen kept moving and it was really repetative but other than that it was a awsome game.

Ok, but only for the first 5 mins

Not too much going on here really. Some simple graphics and controls, and a fun and easy premiss.

The only thing is it's so simple that its only really fun for the first few minutes. After that, it gets boring extremely fast. Maybe some more obstacles to make it a wee bit more challenging, and have the difficulty go up as the days progress.

Another thing is that most of the upgrades seemed pointless, beyond the fuel upgrade, and it seemed a little silly to have it deduct from your overall 'cheese count.' Made it almost not worth it to upgrade most things. Maybe you thought this would make it more challenging, but in actuality its just sort of annoying.

Overall a very addicting and simple game to play if you've got a little bit of time to kill on Newgrounds. 7/10 Stars =]

Backward speed needs to be doubled

Fun game, but the speed at which you go backwards definitely needs to be doubled, as it renders the game nearly unplayable as it is.