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Reviews for "Save the Moon"


It was a good game, just wish my cheese wasnt constantly being spent up >.<

Decent game

Decent game could have been better u could have actually add some coins so u dont have to spend the cheese and had defferent difficulties like easy-2,000 cheese normal 5,000 chesee and hard 10,000 chesse and medals too Just my opinion dont kno how any1 else feels 4/5 8/10

Simple yet Sweet, like Cheese

It's simplicity makes it lack that certain something, but this game wasn't supposed to be that type of game. It's simplicity was what it was intended for, and it was very successful for what it was made for. It is a 10/10 in it's genre.

liked it

fun for a while but it gets dull

Wow... How do you get my computer monitor to go to the right like that every time i pause, go to the menu, or shut down my computer?