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Reviews for "Save the Moon"


Great game, that's as much as I can say.

xdragonx10 responds:

omelette du fromage

I can't stop!

This is insanely addictive!I can't stop even after i completed the game!

I was thoroughly entertained!

Even though this was made in a day, I'd definitely play this again if I was ever bored. I'd like to see something like this, but longer, and maybe a little bit more of a shooter aspect involved as well. Don't throw this idea away!

Also, if you stare at the game long enough, it will make everything in your vision go to the right for a little bit. ;)

TouchPad BackFire?

Really wished there was the option of using the arrow keys from the keyboard instead of the mouse. It was kind of difficult to maneuver with this laptop touchpad. However, once I put into full screen, it seemed like the touchpad started to work in my favor.

This game is addictive without a doubt. My tactic at acing this game would have to be: Level up Speed and Item Slow to the max first.

4000 cheese overdose

moon no.2 unlocked